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Cleansing your face is a basic need that can arise anytime, anywhere. Since clean water and hygienic washrooms are not available every place you go, carrying face wipes automatically becomes the convenient choice. They can instantly clean your skin and help you feel rejuvenated. 

If you are looking for top-rated face wipes, we suggest you explore our wide range of face and makeup wipes. We help you buy face wipes online from the best brands such as Bella, Colorbar, Dettol and Swiss Beauty at reasonable prices.

Buy Face Wipes Online 

Using skin care products like face wipes keeps you looking clean and fresh while protecting you from skin troubles. This regular cleansing saves your skin from dirt and dust build-up and prevents skin troubles such as acne and breakouts. Wet wipes for face also make sure your skin gets some much-needed moisture from time to time. 

At Health & Glow, we understand how essential it is to take care of your delicate skin through cleansing. This is why we bring you an exclusive range of top-rated face wipes and makeup removers. You can also buy a face wash, scrub or exfoliator to complete the cleansing kit. All these products are offered by top international and Indian brands, delivering high-quality care for your skin. 

To make browsing easier, we have various search filters such as face wipes price, brands, offers, skin type, skin concerns, and so on. Just select the ones you are looking for and get a customised list of face wipes instantly. We also offer amazing deals, huge discounts, and super-fast deliveries to make sure your order reaches you quickly. 


Choose The Right Face Wipes For Different Skin Types 

While face cleansing wipes are useful for all types of skin, it is a good decision to buy the right one, depending on your skin type. As each skip type has different needs, you can use face wash wipes that come with ingredients best suited for your skin type. Here are some tips and tricks you should know when you are planning to buy face wipes online based on your skin type: 



If you have dry skin, it becomes a challenging task to keep the skin moisturised. For a regular boost of hydration, you can opt for wet tissue wipes for face. They do not just maintain the moisture balance but also soothe any rashes or irritation that dry skin may experience. Colorbar USA Pure-Izer Facial Wipes Aloe Vera is a good choice for face wet wipes online. 



Oily skin is prone to clogged pores and bacteria build-up. This is why you need face wipes that deep clean the impurities and make your skin soft and supple. Health & Glow Refreshing Wipes Citrus is our best bet if you have oily skin as it gently cleanses oil and dirt, leaving your face refreshed. 



Those with sensitive skin should opt for face wipes that are free of harmful ingredients such as alcohol or parabens. Try Swiss Beauty Cleansing Wipes Natural Chamomile as it is our bestseller for face wipes that are also good for makeup removal.



As the name suggests, acne-prone skin is vulnerable to breakouts due to clogged pores and bacteria growth. To prevent this, you can opt for tissue wipes for face that help in minimising pores and removing impurities. Health & Glow Refreshing Wet Wipes Sea Breeze is our bestseller face wipe that you can add to your skin care routine to get clean and healthy skin. 


Shop Face Wipes For Various Skin Concerns 

Face wipes are not just for cleansing; they can also give you a number of other benefits. If you have any skin concerns like blackheads, pores, or bacterial infection, both wet and dry face wipes can help you treat these conditions. Here is how to choose face wipes for various skin concerns:




What Are The Main Advantages Of Using Face Wipes? 

Here is a list of some advantages that you get by using face wipes:


Why Choose Health & Glow? 

Health & Glow can provide you with top-rated face wipes for men and women at pocket-friendly prices. Here are some benefits that you get when you shop from us:


Face wipes are a must-have for any makeup or travel kit. Keeping them handy has a number of benefits for your skin and keeps you looking fresh and sharp all day long.