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Night time is the time when your skin is in regenerative mode. This is why many dermatologists recommend using a night cream as a crucial part of your skin care regimen. Compared to day creams, night creams are thicker and tend to have a higher concentration of ingredients that boost cell health and moisturize your skin. Thus, if you are looking for a way to rejuvenate your skin and make it glow, find the best night cream and get started. 

To make your task easier, we have jotted down some of the best night creams along with the various concerns they address. Check them thoroughly and find your best match!

Choosing The Right Night Creams Online For Various Skin Concerns

There are numerous factors that must be considered when you step in the shopping shoes for a night cream. The primary ones are related to your skin. Thus, you need to figure out your skin type before adding any night cream to your cart. Here are some of the common skin types and our best night cream suggestion for each:  

Those who have oily skin often deal with congested skin pores and excess production of oil. To prevent this, you should choose a light gel-based night cream that takes care of the skin’s hydration while reducing the oiliness. 

You can choose Plum Renewed Clarity Night Gel. This night cream for oily skin contains green tea, gingko, and goji berry. While argan oil helps in hydrating skin and unclogging pores; aloe, liquorice, and willow bark reduce the oiliness of skin and make the skin radiant. 

Normal skin may not have issues like oiliness or dryness, but it does need hydration to stay healthy. To ensure that, you can opt for a night cream for normal skin that rejuvenates the skin cells and also protects the moisture in the skin. 

Plum Bright Years Restorative Over Night Cream is a product that can help you in this. This night cream is made with plant actives, shea butter and jojoba oil that make your skin smooth, supple, and flawless. 

Dry skins are more prone to flaky texture and a dull look. The additional layer of dead cells further leads to premature signs of ageing. You can reverse these effects by using a night cream for dry skin or anti-ageing night cream for dry skin that targets both your skin issues. 

Try L'Oreal Paris Revitalift Laser X3 Anti Ageing Night Cream Mask. This night cream for women reduces wrinkles while making skin supple and smooth.  

Combination skin can be tricky since you fight both dryness and oiliness at the same time. Thus, you need a cream that takes care of both issues. 

A credible suggestion for a night cream for combination skin would be Olay Luminous Night Cream. This night cream for women will hydrate your skin while ensuring all the nutrients are absorbed to restore the skin cells. 

Similarly, you can also find night cream for acne-prone skin or night cream for sensitive skin. To be on the safer side, we recommend you to consult a dermatologist. 


Different Types of Night Creams Available At Health & Glow

Moving on, here are some of the night creams depending on your skin concerns: 

Our top picks for skin whitening night creams are: 



Here are some of the best anti-ageing night creams you can buy at Health & Glow: 


Below are the top anti-wrinkle night creams available on our website: 


Get the best Night Creams Online At Best Price

The ingredients in a night cream also matter as much as the brand and price. Here are different types of natural night creams or chemical-free night creams you will find in the market: 


You must have heard of brands offering paraben-free night cream. Here, paraben refers to synthetic chemicals that are usually associated with harmful effects like allergic reactions and interference with hormones. If you wish to buy creams without parabens, you can choose from the following: 


Just like paraben, sulphate is also harmful. The chemical can have a degenerative impact on your cell membranes and even cause skin-related allergies. Thus, try buying either an organic night cream or one that is free of any such chemical. Below are some options you can explore to buy a sulphate-free night cream: 



Mineral oil is often called out for its skin-clogging properties, which is definitely not a good thing in a night cream for acne. Our best offerings for this type of night cream are: 


Why Choose Health & Glow

If you are ready for your night cream online shopping, do check our website. Here are some reasons why choosing us can be in your favour:  

Night creams are undoubtedly a great investment in skin care. So make sure you do it the right way. Thus, explore as much as you can and if needed, consult a skin expert.