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Grooming and self-care are no longer a woman’s domain only. Modern men are open to discussing grooming. Men invest time and money to ensure that they look their absolute best at all times.

There is a range of hair care and skin care products designed just for men. Hair salons have introduced specific services for men. The popular ones are hairstyling, hair rebonding, hair colouring, spa, etc.

Hair care brands have innovated and come up with different hair colour shades for men. Hair colour for Indian men is no longer unidimensional; there are enhanced and advanced hair care products that have truly evolved and suit the needs of modern men perfectly. 

These include a mix of regular and eclectic shades like golden hair colour for men, brown hair colour for men, black hair colour for men etc. Now there are hair colours for Indian men which are crafted to perfection to suit different hair types and textures. 

Hair colours are primarily meant to give coverage to grey hair. Hair colour for men which are enriched with natural oils, protective conditioners and strengthening ingredients are good for hair. The old belief, that colouring hair is going to damage hair, is simply not true with such advancement in the hair care industry.

Here, we will share with you all the relevant information about hair colour for men.

Hair Colour for Men Price

Barring a few, even the top-rated hair colour for men brands come in a very reasonable price range. Men’s hair colour price range can be anywhere between hundred to thousand. The choice of your hair colour should be able to strike a balance between your requirement and your budget.


Buy Hair Colour for Men Online

When you buy hair colours for men online, you have to look for specific details like price, shade, properties like ammonia-free and choose the right one. Genuine reviews and an ingredients list can help you to find the best hair colour for men. Do a quick analysis to find out what exactly you require.

Shopping for men’s hair colour online also comes with many advantages. You may get several exciting offers and discounts. Use the coupon codes provided by the website or even the official hair colour brand. Apart from this, there are special day offers, end of season sales which make your shopping experience worthwhile.


Different Hair Colour Types

Before you start looking for the top hair colour for men, let us take you through the different types of hair colour that are available in the market. Make an informed choice before hustling to use the trendiest hair colour packs. 

Temporary Hair Colour

Temporary hair colours are one of the top-rated hair colours for men these days. We see a lot of people donning hair colours in pink, purple and even neon colours. While it is true that these hair colours are a must-have for a one-off fun and quirky occasion, most of us would like to switch to a regular hair colour shade quickly. In such a case, temporary hair colour comes into the picture.

Temporary hair colour for men come in a variety of shades like golden hair colour for men, brown hair colour for men and trending shades such as blue, pink and grey.  Also known as wash out hair colour, temporary hair colours change the colour of only your hair shaft so that it does not seep into your hair making it permanently coloured. This hair colour type allows you to have fun with temporary colour without committing to it forever. So, if you want to be experimental with hair colour, go for these.

Permanent Hair Colour

Choosing a permanent hair colour shade is a relatively long-term commitment. Such hair colours penetrate deep down your hair shaft and roots and contain chemicals that help your original hair colour alter. This process entails that the resultant change lasts for a few weeks to a few months.

Many people consider this as the best hair colour for men. This is perfect for someone who wants to cover his greys. However, there is yet another school of thought about permanent hair colour.

One of the downsides of permanent hair colour is that you will need regular touch-ups due to the new hair regrowth. If you apply permanent hair colour frequently, remember to use a colour protect shampoo and conditioner to ensure that your hair is not getting damaged, due to the chemical excess.

Ensure that before you decide on your pick of top hair colour for men, you do a patch taste, to see if it suits you. It should not cause irritability or any allergic reaction to the scalp. Also, be careful in choosing the shade. Removing permanent hair colour in a jiffy is quite a difficult task.



Highlights offer a variety of hair colour shades for men. When you are simply in the mood of having a whole new look without damaging your hair, you might consider going for hair highlights. Highlights, unlike the permanent or temporary hair colour, do not change the colour of all of your hair, rather they colour only some sections of your hair depending upon your requirements. The top-rated hair colour for men also has a hair highlight range to help you style your hair.

The best hair colour brand for men ensures that their products do not contain harmful chemicals. The best hair colour brand for men would contain moisturisers, enhancers and natural oils. Look for natural, organic or herbal hair colours for men enriched with aloe vera, amla, henna, ginseng, thuja and indigo. You can look for peroxide or ammonia-free and allergen-free hair colours which are mild and gentle for the hair. There are permanent hair colours for men enriched with vitamin E, argan oil and keratin-infused, which do not damage your hair at all. 

Apart from hair colours, there are a lot of other hair care products for men available in the market that you might consider checking out such as hair gel, hair conditioner for men, aftershave products for men, hair shampoo for men, men’s shaving products and so on.


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