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There is nothing like a swish of lipstick to brighten up your look. It is that one product that changes your overall look in a swipe. But do you know that besides making you look beautifully ‘put together’, lipsticks have amazing healing benefits too?

The skin on our lips is way thinner than that on the rest of the body and needs extra care and protection for keeping healthy and preventing premature ageing. Lipsticks are a great way to protect your lips from the harsh sun, wind, and dryness. But you can get these benefits only with branded lipsticks and not just something off the rack. Branded lipsticks now come in non-toxic and skin-friendly variants that heal your lips and it’s pretty easy to buy these safe lipsticks online.

Buy lipstick online in India at the best prices from Health & Glow

Whether it’s a dinner date or if you just need a little pick-me-up at home, there’s lipstick for every occasion, with some styling tips of course. A day in the office calls for a subtle nude shade lipstick, for an evening out, a deeper-hued glossy lipstick is perfect, and for a day out with the girls, breezy and glossy lipsticks work like a charm. 

However, when lipsticks come in hundreds of varieties like creamy, matte, lip gloss, liquid, tubes, mousse, crayons, liquid ink, etc., and thousands of shades, how do you really select what works for you? 

The best way out is to buy lipstick online. While your local shop may stock only limited pieces of brands and shades, when you try lipstick shopping online, you can not only choose from a huge variety but may also find new brands. Another advantage of buying lipstick online in India is that you get to know the ingredients beforehand that’s just not possible otherwise.

However, since you use them almost daily, you should buy lipstick online only from trusted platforms. One such top-ranking platform is Health & Glow, which is the go-to place for the best of branded lipsticks. 

We also make sincere efforts to help you at least get 100% natural and chemical-free lip makeup from various brands. Besides, with our lipstick offers online, you get to buy the products at amazing prices like no place else.

Types of lipsticks available online at Health & Glow

When shopping for lipsticks online India with Health & Glow, you can be assured of getting only the best. We have the largest range of lipsticks online that include:

One of the best selling lipsticks, they provide intense pigmentation with a glossy sheen. You can buy lipsticks online from the widest range of matte, velvet, and glossy options. What’s more, we offer lipstick sets online to let you get several shades at amazing prices!

Lip crayons are very versatile as they not only provide a burst of colour, but also act as a lip liner. At Health & Glow choose from hundreds of shades from top brands like Sugar, Colorbar USA, FACES Canada, etc.

You can not only buy lipsticks online but can choose from an amazing range of lip glosses, perfect for brightening up your day with a glossy sheen and that amazing plump.

 What’s lipstick without a lip liner! To help your lipsticks last longer and look great, we offer super-definition lip liners from brands like Colorbar USA, Lakme, Chambor, etc. 

With Health & Glow, your lipstick shopping online just got better! We have everyday deals and lipstick offers online that let you buy more and pay less. Explore our website to know about the exciting lipstick sales online. 

Why just stop at lipsticks? You can choose many more make up products at Health & Glow. Look through our website to pick up branded make-up and its applicators.


Lipsticks that can do more

With people demanding sustainable products, lipsticks have come a long way from what they used to be. With branded lipsticks now healthier and better in quality, they are less toxic, cruelty-free, and guilt-free. When you buy lipsticks online with Health & Glow, here are some options that you can choose from:

 We have a range of lipsticks online in India that don’t budge from your lips. Choose from ‘inky’ lipsticks from brands like Maybelline, L’Oreal Paris, etc. on our website.

These lipstick colours survive the day by not feathering, bleeding, or transferring even after hours of application, eating, and talking. 

These herbal lipsticks make your lips look beautiful without weighing them down with harmful chemicals. Acting as a balm, they make the lips healthier by nourishing them and come in lip-smacking flavours like mint, chocolate, and lemonade.

These organic lipsticks are free of toxic chemicals like sulphate, phthalates, triclosan, formaldehyde, ammonia, etc. This makes them perfect for long-term use without any harm to your delicate skin.


Get a perfect finish from your lipstick

Lipsticks come in various textures that have specific application techniques for them to last longer and look beautiful. When you buy lipstick online at Health & Glow, you can get to know these smart tips for each lipstick:

 To get that smooth finish with these non-gliding lipsticks is to exfoliate your lips with lip care products like scrubs and lip balms. Always use a lip liner and don’t forget to blot.

This is a glossier lipstick that needs to be applied on prepped lips. Remember that these lipstick shades look darker after application than in tubes. So make sure to check the shades when you buy this lipstick online in India.

These lipsticks are perfect for an instant lift-me-up brightness. For long lasting lipstick, make sure that your lips are not flaky and use a nude base to let the shimmer shine.

The most popular trend today, these lipsticks are best applied on scrubbed lips. Apply a base first and use your finger to set the glitter. To make it last, apply a setting spray.

Why to only buy lipstick online at Health & Glow, when you have a wide range of skin care products to explore! We have a range of treatment products besides cleansing and beauty essentials that you can explore.


Why choose Health & Glow?

 Since lipsticks are an essential part of your makeup kit, they need to be bought from only genuine platforms. Our 25 years of experience meeting the beauty and wellness needs of people have helped us rank amongst the top trusted online spaces for great reasons like:

You get only the most genuine and authentic products from the best global brands when you buy lipsticks online with us. You have access to information like their shelf life, country of origin, etc.

You get to buy lipsticks online from a range of brands like Roots, Colorbar USA, Swiss Beauty, L’Oreal Paris, etc. We stock all the lipstick shades and other products to make your lipsticks stand out like lip liners and lip balms.

We are one of the few portals that reward you for shopping for lipsticks online in India. Our exciting Glow Rewards come bundled with exclusive deals and discounts. 

Who doesn’t love to buy more and pay less. We offer discounts of up to 40% on almost all lipstick brands

We are a fun place to shop that offers click and collect, self-checkout, express delivery, and safe payments.