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A perfect makeup that lasts all day long – that’s what you get when you apply a makeup setting spray right after you finish creating a look. As the name suggests, a makeup setting spray ensures your makeup does not fade or smudge as the hours go by. 

If you wish to have a flawless look and lock-in the makeup products, a setting spray is a must-have. The best way to find the right one for your needs is to buy face makeup setting spray online. At Health & Glow, you can browse through an exclusive range of products you would love to try. And in case makeup setting spray price is a concern, we got you covered with huge discounts and amazing deals. Keep reading to know more!

Buy Makeup Setting Spray Online 

Weather elements such as sweaty and humid days can hamper the longevity of your makeup. Besides, the choice of makeup products as well as skin type, and the compatibility between the two, can impact how long your makeup retains its flawless finish. Using the best makeup setting spray can help counter this common concern, making sure you do not end up with smudgy eyes or cakey foundation. Just like a hair styling spray, a makeup setting spray ensures your face does not lose its glam look for hours. You just need to buy one that is suitable for your skin.  

Nowadays, the beauty market is filled with hundreds of makeup setting spray brands that offer products with exclusive formulations and ingredients for your skin. You can also buy face makeup setting spray online based on your budget. 

In your journey to buy makeup setting spray online in India, we bring convenience and ease straight to your home. Use our filters such as makeup setting spray price, brand, skin type, and we give you a customized list of products in less than a minute. Add the top makeup setting spray to your cart and we will send it via our super-express deliveries. 

At Health & Glow, you can not only find an extensive range of face makeup setting spray but we are also a one-stop shop for other face makeup products. We feature some of the top brands ranging from Maybelline and Colorbar to Swiss Beauty and Paul Penders. You can also find natural and herbal beauty products. Explore our website and you will get almost every beauty product you want. 


Choose Right Type Of Makeup Setting Spray For Various Skin Types 

Once you have bought a face makeup setting spray, you will realise what was missing in your makeup. However, like any other skincare and makeup product, a makeup setting spray should not be bought lightly. It’s imperative to consider a few factors that can help in finding the right product. A crucial one among them is your skin type. You should buy a makeup setting spray based on your skin type just the way you carefully choose a face primer or CC cream. Below, we have offered some suggestions and tips to assist in your shopping:  

This skin type can make your makeup look cakey and dry. When looking for a setting spray for dry skin, look for terms like “moisturising”, “hydrating” or “dewy”. Our top suggestion for dry skin would be FACES Canada Ultime Pro Makeup Fixer Setting Spray. This setting spray will not only lock-in the makeup but also hydrate your skin.


Ditch the glossy finish if you have oily skin and look for a makeup setting spray that offers matte finish. This will make sure that your makeup does not become too glossy and shiny. You can try Swiss Beauty SB16 Makeup Fixture, which creates a mattefying protective layer around your makeup, helping it hold in place longer. 


If you have sensitive skin, you should look for a setting spray, as well as other makeup products like concealer or foundation, that is free of any harmful chemical. The product should also be dermatologically and allergy-tested. Our recommendation for a setting spray for this skin type is Colorbar USA Skin Stay The Day Finishing Mist. This hydrating mist has antibacterial properties and can hold makeup in place for hours. 


Combination skin can be tricky to manage since you have to deal with dryness and oiliness at the same time. Revolution Pro Supreme Hold Finishing Spray is well-suited to address the needs of this skin type. You can use it either before or after the makeup, enhancing its longevity. The spray also saves your makeup from perspiration, making it a great makeup setting spray for sweat as well. 


How To Use Makeup Setting Spray? 

Many people think that using a setting spray is just about a whiff here and there. That, however, is not how you use a makeup setting spray. You ought to learn the proper way to apply face makeup setting spray, otherwise the product will not give effective results. To help you, here is a step-by-step instructions along with pro tips on how to use makeup setting spray like an expert: 

Step 1: Shake Well

The first step is to just shake the bottle very well to make sure there is no dripping or splotches when you apply it to your face. Shaking also helps the ingredients to mix well, giving you the best results possible. 

Step 2: Hold and Spray in X- or T-formation

Hold the spray at least six to eight inches away from your face. This will make sure the spray lands on every makeup product and gives a thorough coverage of the face. Now, begin by spraying the product in an X formation and then make a T formation. If needed, you can then spot spray it to settle makeup in special areas. While spraying, make sure to avoid contact with eyes, nose, or mouth. 

Step 3: Let It Dry

A quite obvious but inevitable step is to let your makeup setting spray dry naturally. Do not rush out or pat it dry, as the spray will not sink in fully in the skin. 


Why Choose Health And Glow? 

Now that you are all set to buy a makeup setting spray, feel free to explore our product range for the same. If you shop from Health & Glow, you get the following benefits that make us perfect for shopping: 

If you want to be photo-ready with a look that is flawless, it is time you invest in a makeup setting spray. Explore our product and we are sure your shopping will be worth every penny!