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The makeup industry is witnessing a boom like never before. From new and better products to changing makeup trends, there is a lot to try and explore. If you have been keeping an eye on the latest trends, you must have heard of “face primer” – the ultimate formula to get a smooth base. 

Face primer makeup can drastically improve the texture of your skin to ensure that your makeup has a glowing finish. Thus, wait no more and buy face primer makeup online to see how it works. In case you are a makeup newbie, we have scoped out a quick guide to help you find the best face primer. Keep reading!

Buy Face Primer Online at Health & Glow 

If makeup is an art, your face is the ultimate canvas. By applying a face primer, you ensure that this canvas gets rid of any spots, enlarged pores, bumpy texture or dry patches. In short, it gives your face the much-coveted smoothness that helps face makeup products like foundations, concealers, and blush glide over the skin and give a clean finish. 

Here at Health & Glow, we bring you an exclusive list of some of the best face primer brands such as Colorbar, SUGAR, FACES Canada, L'Oréal, Chambor, MyGlamm, Iba Halal, Lakme, Swiss Beauty, Paul Penders, and so on. Visit our website, choose the face primer makeup category and get an assorted list in just a few seconds. In addition to top-rated face primers, you can also add concealer makeup and blush makeup to your kit from our website. 


Select The Right Face Primer for Different Skin Types 

If you wish to purchase a face primer, you need to consider a few factors to make the right decision. The first and foremost among them is your skin type. If you have oily or combination skin, try a face primer for oily skin for the best results. Contrarily, try a face primer for dry, mature skin for dry and patchy skin. Thus, recognise your skin type and then head to our website to buy face primer online in India.  

You can also use our filters to sort out a list of products as per your skin type. We have a few suggestions and tips on what to look for in a face primer for different skin types. Read on:  

When you have skin that is excessively sticky and produces a lot of sebum, you should opt for a primer with a matte finish. This will control the oil production and ensure that your makeup lasts longer without getting an oily sheen. Our best face primer for this category would be Chambor Anti Shine Primer. With its velvety formulation, this weightless face primer blurs fine lines and covers the pores without clogging your skin. 

While people with oily skin are troubled with the overproduction of sebum, those with dry skin wish for moisture and hydration. Tightness and flakiness are their main concerns, and to deal with these skin issues, they need a super hydrating primer. Our suggestions for such skin types are the following face primer brands: 

They not only cover spots and creases but also leave the face glowing and hydrated. 

Sensitive skin is quite challenging to handle. This is why you need a primer that is full of antioxidants that can hydrate the skin and not harm it in any way. You can look for cruelty-free primers such as Iba Halal Care Photo Perfect HD Face Primer. It is a chemical-free face primer that enhances skin radiance and fills fine lines and wrinkles.  

For people with combination skin, the oily T-zone is the primary concern. They need primers that are naturally smoothening in nature for a luminous look. Buy primer for face online from Myglamm. Its Tinted Perfection Face Primer is suitable for all skin types. It has a multi-action formula that instantly improves uneven skin texture, excess oil, and dark spots, all to give you silky-smooth skin as a base for other makeup products. 

This is one of the most tricky skin types as you have to deal with oiliness and sensitivity at the same time. The skin is also vulnerable and has higher chances of breaking out if you do not protect it well. We recommend you use an oil-free primer that will not clog pores and stay light on the skin. Pick water-based primers such as Colorbar USA Perfect Match Primer Water Calm It Down as they will refresh the skin and make it smooth. 


Shop From Different Types Of Face Primers Available At Health & Glow 

Here are the different types of face primers you can find at Health & Glow: 




Why Choose Health & Glow 

Once you have finalised your skin type and the formulation of your face primer, head to our website to purchase face primer online. Below are some reasons that will definitely make us your perfect shopping partner: 

If you are done with Instagram filters and want your skin to look naturally flawless, start the journey with a quality face primer. Browse our website to pick your prime partner now!