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Want to quickly add elegance to your whole look? Just a single sweep of a kajal is enough. This age-old yet simple eye makeup product has a universal appeal that you just cannot ignore. It not only makes your eyes more intense but also glams up your whole look.

To find some steal-worthy kajal eyeliner, browse our website. At Health & Glow, we have an assorted catalogue of kohls ranging from waterproof kajal to herbal ones. Now What are you waiting for? Find the perfect kohl-mate for you today and let your eyes do the talking.

Buy Kajal Eyeliner online in India at the Best Prices From Health & Glow 

If there is one makeup product that can truly transform your look, it’s none other than an eye kajal. Just go a day without it and we are sure people will start asking if you are well or not. Kohl-rimmed eyes are a natural add-on to any woman's daily style. You too can ace it with a single sweep. To make your look more sensual and dynamic, use an eyeliner with the kajal. This single dash of eyeliner along with eye kajal will quickly add more definition to your eyes and charm those around you. 

In case you are worried about where to pick your perfect kajal pencil, rest assured as we will take care of that. Our exclusive list of eye makeup products will surely catch your attention and you will be thrilled to see the multiple options we offer. From a smudge-proof kajal to kajal eyeliner, there is a lot on the platter of eye makeup at Health & Glow. All the products are sourced from top kajal brands such as Lakme, Plum, Colorbar, Maybelline, Health & Glow, Sugar, L'Oréal, Faces, VLCC, Inature, Swiss Beauty and the list is long. 

What more? We also have a variety of natural and organic kajals to suit your sensitive eyes. Just use the right filters on the website and your personalized catalogue will be available for you! You can also buy kajal online to get our special deals and discount to make your shopping right under your budget. Keep reading to see what else you can get at our website. 


Types of Kajal & Kohls available online at Health and Glow 

Selection of the perfect kajal and eyeliner may seem like an easy job unless you come across the variety of products that are available in the market. Contrary to what most people think, a kohl kajal can be of various types. To help you sail through the range of eye makeup products, we have sorted them into three categories. Read and select one that complements your needs. 





Eye Kajal That Can Do More 

That was the story of gone days when eye kajal was quite vulnerable to water and time. Just a splash of water and a small rub in the eye could ruin your perfect eyes in no time. But now times have changed and so have face makeup products like kajal. You can now easily find a kajal eye pencil that offers you many features. Read on to know some of them: 


Why Choose Health & Glow? 

Now that you know quite a lot about eye kajal, grab your phone and open our website. If you have any doubt, here is why you should pick us: 




Top Kajal Products & Brands available on Health & Glow 

Ready to buy kajal online? Take a look at our exclusive collection of eye kajal and start the shopping. From coloured kajal eyeliner to organic kajal eye pencil, there is a lot to check and buy. Here are some of the top brands available at Health & Glow to start you off: 

In case you are looking for herbal and organic eyeliners, here is what you can try: 

Apart from kajal pencil, you can also add other eye makeup products from our website. Some of the top choices are mascara, eyeshadow, eyelash curlers, eyeliner, under-eye concealer and eyebrow enhancers. Now, wait no more. Head straight to our website and you will definitely find your kohl-mate soon.