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Whether it is the bold smoky eyes look or a single swipe of kajal, eye makeup has the power to transform your look instantly. It helps in giving a new depth and edge to your eyes, adding a mystic touch to your appearance. 

Eye makeup brands today are rolling out a plethora of products, ranging from kajals to eyeliners, false eyelashes and whatnot. The best way to find all of these products in one place is to buy eye makeup online. At Health & Glow, you can find some of the best eye makeup products in just a few clicks and have them delivered to your doorstep!

Buy Eye Makeup Products Online 

While you can go to the stores to buy eye makeup, shopping for eye makeup products online gives you the freedom to explore a much wider variety of products from national and international brands – all at one site. You can also read reviews and ratings in case you are purchasing an eye makeup set online for the first time. In addition, you can avail of discount offers and sales to buy eye makeup online and make big saves in the process.  

At Health & Glow, you can enjoy a seamless shopping experience. Whether you are a newbie at eye makeup or an expert, we have something in store for everyone. Some of the top eye makeup brands you can find on our website include Lakmé, Maybelline, Chambor, L'Oréal Paris, Colorbar, Revlon, Sugar, and Swiss Beauty. If you wish to buy natural makeup products, we’ve got you covered with our range of sustainable eye makeup brands such as Plum, Biotique, Inatur, and Iba Halal. You can also use our filters such as eye makeup price, brand, concern, finish, and offer to select the best eye makeup combo online. 

Other than offering eye makeup products online in India, our collection of makeup products, including lip makeup products, foundations, concealers, highlighters etc, caters to all your beauty needs. 


Shop Various Eye Makeup Products Online at Health & Glow 

Since eyes are the most striking feature of the face, the importance of eye makeup in elevating your style quotient and appeal cannot be overlooked. Here are different products you should have in your eye makeup kit: 

No one can deny the universal appeal of kohls and kajals. Just a single swipe can change the look and make your eyes ready for the day ahead. Here are our top picks that can add more glamour and intensity to your eyes: 


Whether you wish to go for a sleek style or try the retro winged eyes, eyeliners are key to adding more definition to your eyes. Here are some of the best-selling eyeliners we strongly recommend: 


This simple eye makeup product can give the much-needed oomph to your eyelashes and add more depth to the eyes. For those who love heavy eyelashes, wearing mascara can be a total game-changer. Here are some of the best mascara products you should have in your eye makeup kit: 


Eyeshadows are the ultimate makeup products that bring out the true beauty of your eyes. They highlight them and add more colours and sparkle to your eyes. Below are the best-selling eye palettes you can buy at Health & Glow: 


If mascara is not enough to amplify your eyelashes, you can turn to false eyelashes to get dreamy eyes instantly. Here are some false eyelashes you should give a try: 


Removing eye makeup is essential to ensuring that your eyes do not fall prey to irritation or any infection. Some of the best eye makeup removers you can try are: 

Other than the best eye makeup products listed above, you can also try the following bold and quirky options for dramatic and bold eyes: 


Choose Right Colour Eye Makeup Products 

Though black eye makeup remains the classic choice, you can also experiment a bit and try other colours to glam up your looks. Here are a few different colours you should use when you want to set new fashion trends:  

A bit dreamy and totally charming, blue eye makeup draws its inspiration from the freshness of the skies and seas. For a true blue look, we suggest you try the following makeup products: 

You can mix and match them and create smoky to dramatic eyes as per your choice. 



Best suited for special occasions such as weddings, glittery and golden eyes are certainly mesmerizing. Here are our best picks to help you achieve the perfect royal look: 



To create a bold style statement, you need to go for bold colours like green but make sure your pair it well with a complementing dress and accessorize it well. Here are some products you can work with for giving your eyes a green makeover: 

These are just three looks that you can play with. To experiment more and come up with exciting and dramatic styles, feel free to explore our website. We also offer your heavy deals and discounts on each category every now and then. 


Why choose Health & Glow?

Health & Glow makes it fun and easy for you to buy the best eye makeup brushes for yourself. You can easily refine your search depending on your individual needs,

brand, eyeliner brush with price, etc. Not just this, all the products come listed with reviews and ratings from verified users for you to see how they have worked for others.

Here are some more great reasons to shop with Health & Glow:

Additional features: Safe payments, express delivery, click & collect, self-checkout.