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Don’t we all love the glamour and depth that a stroke of rich black kajal gives our eyes, so much so that we wear it every day? Little do we know that the kohls that we use are full of chemicals like parabens, wax, lead, sulphates, carbon black, etc. These chemicals can cause eye irritation, stye, conjunctivitis, and even blindness in more serious cases.

As delicate as our eyes are, they deserve chemical-free kajals with better and safer ingredients. Switch today and buy chemical-free kajals that are made with natural eye-friendly ingredients like honey, almond oil, desi ghee, rasaut, triphala, natural carbon, rose extracts, etc. 

Benefits of using chemical-free kajals

There are several reasons to love Chemical-free kajals! They are not only made with natural cruelty-free ingredients but also have amazing benefits for your eyes like: 


Why choose Health & Glow 

With every other brand promoting natural and organic kajals, how do you decide about their genuineness? How do you know the ingredients before you buy and compare the prices? Are all these possible when you go buy natural paraben-free kajal at your local store?

The answer to all this is to buy chemical-free eye kajal online from trusted shopping platforms like Health & Glow. Buying online with us is the best way to get a choice of the best chemical-free kajals in India in one place. You can also refine your search depending on your eye concern and sensitivity. 

Some reasons why you will love shopping with us:

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