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The Covid 19 pandemic has effectively sabotaged our plans of going to the salon. It was interesting to see a lot of celebrities flaunting their body hair. In case you like to have hairless skin, hair removal products like hair removal creams and wax strips can come to the rescue. Once you get to learn how to use hair removal strips, you may not want to visit the parlour ever again. Whatever your skin type there are self wax strips tailor-made just for you.

Wax strips are tailor-made especially for the area you’re looking to make hairless such as wax strips for the face, wax strips for underarms, wax strips for chest hair, wax strips for hands etc.  Some wax strips come with nourishing nutrients like jojoba oil, argan oil and natural moisturising agents and they leave the skin supple and soft post waxing. 

The wax strips price is usually below ?500 and now you can buy wax strips online or even at your nearest pharmacy or department store. So, here are our recommendations for some of the best wax strips.

Guide to Buy Wax Strips Online

Full Body Wax strips

Let us first take a look at the variety of full body wax strips available in the market.


Full Body Waxing Kit for Sensitive Skin

If you’re someone who has delicate skin, we highly recommend the Full Body Waxing kit which comes with ready to use body wax strips that can be used on your arms, legs, back and stomach. The inbuilt technology helps get a good grip on removal of extremely short hairs. There’s absolutely no heat required, making the process painless in every way. These can ideally be used as wax strips for armpits and wax strips for the face but should be tested on a small patch of skin before applying on these delicate areas. 

The cherry on the top is that they’re imbued with ingredients such as almond oil and vitamin E thus preventing post-wax breakouts in sensitive skin. If you buy these self-wax strips online and the wax strips price starts at below ?100. 

Full Body Waxing for Dry Skin

This amazing gel technology will make sure you’re strutting around with satin-smooth skin after usage. These hair wax strips are a go-to for all those folks relatively inexperienced with using cold wax strips. These self wax strips are most popularly used as wax strips for legs, arms but can also be used as wax strips for underarms and the bikini line. All one needs to do is pull the two wax strips apart using the easy-grip tabs, rub them onto the skin in the direction of hair growth and then pull them off in the opposite direction. Do make sure however that your skin is dry before putting on the wax strips. 

These hair wax strips are imbued with the goodness of shea butter and leave the skin feeling as soft as satin. So do add these strips to your cart on your next shopping spree after all the wax strip price starts at approximately ?200 for 20 strips.

Pre Waxing Gel

If you’re looking for the pre-waxing gel to prep the skin for those wax strips, look no further than the pre waxing gel. These holistic skin care products are a perfect blend of age-old traditional practices and new age modern technology. The oils from our sebaceous glands sometimes prevent proper adherence to the wax to the skin. As a result, you may end up waxing the same area more than once causing your top layer of skin to get removed and a lot more pain than necessary.

It is very important that a pre-waxing gel be used. This bottle of goodness guarantees to cleanse and soothe your skin beforehand, ensuring waxing is done properly for full hair removal in one go. These gel-based products are packed with natural extracts that have a plethora of skin brightening and antiseptic properties.

Buy wax strips online to go with these exclusive products and flaunt your skin in any dress. This pre-wax gel also comes in other amazing variants such as lemon, lavender and aloe vera. 

Post Waxing Gel

Even after using the best wax strips available, you might find that there’s a breakout of bumps and rashes after you wax. To avoid this we highly recommend using a post-wax gel or lotion. They get rid of the wax residue while hydrating the skin to give it elasticity. Most importantly it prevents the formation of pesky ingrown hairs and leaves your skin hydrated, refreshed and glowing.  

Loaded with the goodness of soothing ingredients post-wax oil has a light and soft post-wax treatment which will leave your skin feeling rejuvenated. So, the next time you’re picking up wax strips for legs, do pick up a bottle of post-wax gel too.

Special Cream Waxes

Are you looking to turn back the clock a little? Cream Wax enables you to do just that. This cream wax will help you combat the ravages of time with its anti-ageing qualities. It repairs damaged and ageing cells, leaving your skin feeling brand new post waxing. So, if you want that forever young effect, head over online and buy this magical wax. Some might say that the price tag is a lot higher than ordinary wax strips price, but after all, it’s an unheard-of price for a product that helps you age like fine wine.


A Word of Caution

Waxing requires a certain finesse and skill which one develops over time. Understanding where the hair growth is high and the chances of skin damage are least, becomes paramount when one is starting off. Hair pulled in the wrong direction can lead to ingrowths and even skin infections.  We suggest leaving face wax and bikini wax to later stages when you are used to self-wax strips and have perfected the art of waxing at home. There are other hair removal products like epilators and razors that can be used.


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